stash pt. 2

My year of knitting and spinning from stash is almost up, boy does time flies. It's pretty wild to think back on the things I've made from what I *thought* was just a tiny little bit of yarn/fiber (not to mention how much more confident and adventurous I feel with my spinning).

There’s quite a few things that I’ve enjoyed about this whole experiment -

  1. I’m making things (!) - no analysis paralysis

  2. I’m using what I have - waste not, want not

  3. I’m getting to think creatively within constraints

One project that stands out from the others though is this beauty.

2018-12-06 05.55.39 1.jpg
2018-12-11 10.39.44 1.jpg

This is Lovage by Marie Wallin and all 18 colorways used are scraps; some bits from the leftover bins at my work, others repurposed from projects started with the best intentions but ripped out with enthusiasm, and a few given to me by Andy or other folks wanting to contribute to my efforts.

2018-12-19 12.41.41 1.jpg

The yoke was so fun to knit, especially since I was choosing colors on the fly, and each band is delightfully different just the way I like it!