stash pt. 1

My goal this year has been two-fold: to knit from stash, and to spin whatever else was needed. Since my making is rooted in my politics, each unused skein of yarn or neglected cake is a not-so-subtle reminder of my consumptive habits and lack of impulse control concerning all things wool.

2018-05-28 03.34.43 1.jpg

"Reduce, re-use, recycle" and "make do and mend" are common phrases heard in my house. And in all aspects of my life, I strive to reduce the footprint I'm leaving behind on this planet. When it comes to the art of making, these phrases I so hold dear get complicated and twisty. Often I need materials, so I'll go buy things. While buying local is my first preference, sometimes things need to be ordered online, but regardless either myself or the delivery person is driving around burning fossil fuels to get the thing to me.

2018-05-28 03.35.23 1.jpg

So, what am I doing about all this. 

The first step is simple; use what I have. Whether that's ripping out old projects that haven't been finished or using up the skeins and cakes that have sat on the shelf for far too long, using what's already within arms reach alleviates stash related anxiety as well as capitalistic urges to consume, consume, consume. 

I've happily begun the adventure of working through my stash, and so far have finished a Beach Tank and a pair of socks. Soon to follow are some sweater WIPS including Kumon, Yves, and Lovage. It's been really liberating so far to watch the skeins dwindle, even if only the smallest of dents has been made in my yarn cubby. 

Stay tuned for stash pt. 2 where I'll talk more about my stash busting projects!